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The Ice Bucket Challenge: If you don't like it, get over it.


Being that I have a dear friend who was diagnosed with ALS in 2007, I know what the disease does to people. I watched the disease progress through a completely healthy person with a black belt in karate.

You can say what you want with about this “trend”, but please do your research before you…

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11 Days to Dragon Con 2014



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Hey guys! I recently hit 6k and wanted to celebrate everyone’s support! 

WINNERS: There will be 1! Chosen by random using number generator

  • Ships from US, to anywhere! So international folks are welcome to join :)

PRIZES: Any 5 phone charms (the ds is mine askldjf haha), that I’ve made C: You can see all the ones that I’ve done H E R E


  • No use of giveaway blogs please!
  • Only reblogs count towards an entry!
  • You don’t need to follow, but the winner will get to pick a 6th charm if they are! 

ENDS:  Like last year, the giveaway will end August 4th! 2014 (my birthday!! hehe)

  • Winners will be contacted on Aug 5th, and will have a 24hr window to respond. So keep those ask boxes open! C: 
  • Everything will ship out by Aug 9th~

That’s it I think! Let me know if there’s any questions— until then, I’ll be working mostly.. wish there was more time to hang out here

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they’d have all died.

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the sunset was beautiful tonight


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God Bless Captain America.

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My lovely little princess anna with such excitement ( ˘ ³˘)♥

My lovely little princess anna with such excitement ( ˘ ³˘)♥

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME → favourite female characters [1/10] » Hermione Granger

"We do! We protest! And I’m hunted quite as much as any goblin or elf, Griphook! I’m a Mudblood!… Mudblood, and proud of it! I’ve got no higher position under this new order than you have, Griphook! It was me they chose to torture, back at the Malfoys’!"

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flings self into stratosphere

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This author tho……